How to Send ETH to Your BTC Wallet

You can use to convert Ethereum (ETH) or any other digital currency into Bitcoin and send it to your Bitcoin wallet. Here's how:

Step 1: Go to On their front page, select Ethereum (ETH) as your “Deposit” currency and Bitcoin (BTC) as your “Receive” currency (the currency that will land in your wallet). 


Select between “Quick” (higher fees, faster exchange) and “Precise” (lower fees, slower exchange) exchange options.  Click “Continue” when ready.

Step 2: On the next screen, you will be prompted for your Bitcoin (BTC) address and the Ethereum (ETH) address that you plan to send from.  You will also be shown the exchange rate, fee structures, and minimum/maximum transaction amount.


Step 3: To obtain your Bitcoin (BTC) wallet address from, go to your Bitcoin wallet and click the QR code icon to show your wallet address.  


Once the address is shown, copy your address so that you can paste it back into ShapeShift.


Step 4: Take your copied Bitcoin (BTC) address and paste it into the destination address field, along with the Ethereum (ETH) address you will be sending from.  When ready, click that you agree to the terms and then “Start Transaction”.


Step 5: You will next be given a new Ethereum (ETH) address to send to.  Copy this ETH address into your third-party ETH wallet and send the amount that you would like to deposit into to that given ETH address.


Step 6: Once you have sent the funds to the ETH address, ShapeShift will convert the Ethereum into Bitcoin and send the corresponding Bitcoin value to


Step 6: Return to your Bitcoin wallet to see the incoming funds!


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