How do I cash in using BPI Express Online (via Dragonpay)?

BPI Express Online allows BPI account holders to make fund transfers at any time of the day, any day of the week. It is useful for completing Bitcoin purchases, especially at times when bank branches are closed. 

What you'll need:

There are three important preconditions for using BPI Express Online as your payment method:

  1. You must have an existing ATM-based BPI account.
  2. You must enroll your BPI account to BPI Express Online and activate the Funds Transfer facility.
  3. You must enroll the DragonPay Corp. BPI bank account as a Third Party Account on your BPI Express Online account. 

Below, you will find step-by-step instructions for enrolling your account for the BPI Express Online service, enrolling a Third Party Account, and completing a funds transfer. 

Note that some of these steps can take more than a few hours to complete, depending on your proximity to the appropriate banking facilities, and due to the bank's set processing times. Please make sure that you have accomplished all three preconditions before selecting BPI Express Online as your preferred payment method for your buy order.   

Setting up your account 

Enrolling your BPI account for BPI Express Online services

It is important to note that BPI accounts are not automatically enabled for online banking. You must first go through a one-time procedure of enrolling your account.

The procedure for enrollment varies depending on your current location. Note that your proximity to the appropriate BPI banking facility affects the length of time for processing enrollment. 

You may visit this link on instructions on how to register your BPI account to BPI Online services here

This required information includes:

  • The type of BPI account you are registering
  • Your location (whether you are residing within the Philippines, or outside of the Philippines)
  • Your account number
  • Your Joint Account Indicator (2-digit number located at the lower right hand corner of your ATM card)
  • Your full name
  • Your address 
  • Username and password for your BPI Express Online account

Enrolling DragonPay Corp’s BPI account as a Third Party Account

This is a one-time procedure. You can find step-by-step instructions and screenshots here.

NOTE: Our payment provider has recently updated their system of validating BPI deposits over 2,000 PHP. The newest procedure involves depositing to their bills payment account if deposits went over 2,000 PHP. To solve this, you must enroll BPI's biller account. For enrollment instructions kindly refer here

Here are Dragonpay’s BPI account details:

Account name: Dragonpay Corp.

Account number: 0075-3527-43 

Transferring funds

Once your BPI account is enrolled to their Express Online service, you can then proceed to order Bitcoin on your account

1. Create a cash in order. Just go to Cash in > Online Bank Transfer > BPI Express Online/Mobile (via DragonPay).

2. Enter the amount you wish to add in your wallet > “next” > Click “Pay with DragonPay”.


3. Check your email for the payment instructions or you may click on “View it Online”. You’ll be directed to DragonPay’s page where you can view the payment instructions on how to complete your online fund transfer.


4. Complete your fund transfer through your BPI Express Online/Mobile account. Make sure you are entering the exact amount and that DragonPay’s account number as shown in the payment instructions. Enter the reference number shown in the “Remarks” section.

5. When the transfer is completed, a confirmation screen with your transfer's Reference Number will be displayed.

6. Go back to the Payment Instructions page and click on the link provided to validate your payment. Enter your BPI Account Name and click “here” to return to 

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