How do I claim my cash using 2GO Quikcash?

Your money will be delivered to the address that you provided when you placed the cash out order.  

You will be asked to present one (1) valid ID when receiving the moneygram from the 2GO delivery personnel. Please make sure that the ID you present bears the exact same name as the one you listed on the cash out order. 

We will send the tracking number and the name of the payout sender via email for your reference.

Here is a sample of a 2GO Quikcash moneygram.


Want to follow up on your 2GO Quikcash delivery?

To check the real-time status of your delivery, log on to the 2GO Supply Chain website ( and enter the tracking number in the "Track your package" field, located on the upper righthand side of the screen. 


If you do not receive your delivery within 48 hours of receipt of your tracking number, please let us know and we will immediately follow up with 2GO.

If you prefer, you may also call 2GO's Customer Service hotline at +63 2 779 9222. You will be asked to provide the sender's name and address.


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