How do I claim my cash through Cardless ATM Instant Payout?

Through our Security Bank ATM payout option, you can claim your cash instantly, at no extra cost, without needing a bank account or physical debit card.

To claim your payout through a Security Bank ATM, all you need are three sets of digits, all of which will be sent to you as soon as you finish placing your order:

  • 16-digit reference number. This will be sent via text message to the mobile number you specify when placing the order.
  • 4-digit passcode.This will be sent to your email address (the same one that you use when logging in to
  • Exact payout amount. This is contained in both the text message and the sell order confirmation email sent to your email address.  

NOTE: The minimum amount for eGiveCash orders is Php500, while the maximum amount is Php10,000 per transaction. There is also a monthly limit of Php100,000 per recipient mobile number. You need to be at least ID and selfie verified to avail of this cash out option.

Here's a sample of the text message containing the 16-digit reference number:

Here's a sample of the email containing the 4-digit passcode:

Once you have all of the information given above, just proceed to one of Security Bank's ATMs.  

Start the session by pressing "Enter," then, select "eGiveCash."

You will then be prompted to key in the 16-digit reference number, then the 4-digit passcode, then the exact payout amount.

Wait for the ATM to finish processing the transaction. It will then dispense the cash and issue you a receipt.

Here's a sample receipt:

To find a Security Bank ATM nearest you, use their online Branch and ATM Locator.

IMPORTANT: Please make sure that your account is at Level 2 (Email verified, identity and selfie verified) before using this payout option. To check your account level and/or get verified, click here.

Please note that this cash out service is facilitated by a third party (Security Bank). is a separate, independent company from Security Bank. In case of ATM errors or any issues with disbursement, we are dependent on Security Bank’s approval before issuing any refunds.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to drop us a message at

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