How does the payment center work?

With, you can become your own payments center for prepaid load and bills.

You get a 10% rebate every time you load a Globe, Smart, Sun, TM, or Talk n Text phone.

You also get a 5 PHP cashback every time you process a unique bill - Smart, Globe, Sun, PLDT, Maynilad, and 80+ other providers. You can check out the list of acceptable billers here.

An additional 100 PHP is sent to your peso wallet if you pay at least 5 unique bills from Monday to Sunday through

What are unique bills?

Bills are considered unique if:

  • They have a different account number;
  • They have not yet been paid for through in the current month; and
  • Payment amount is at least 100 PHP

When will I receive the 100 PHP?

We send out the 100 PHP the following Wednesday if you pay at least 5 unique bills from Monday to Sunday.

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