How do I pay for sell orders with my Coinbase account?

Through our integration, you can now easily pay for sell orders using Bitcoin stored in your Coinbase account, with just a few clicks!

You can also use your Coinbase account to buy Bitcoin on the Coinbase platform, and use that to instantly pay for your sell order on (Available in Italy, Spain and 20+ other countries).

To do this, start by connecting your and Coinbase accounts. Here's how:

How to connect your Coinbase account

1. Go to your Limits page and click "Connect."

The Coinbase Connection button is located on the lower righthand side of the page.

coinbase integration

You will be redirected to the Coinbase website.

2. Authorize the connection.

Review the terms listed on the lefthand side of the page, then click the green "Authorize" button found on the righthand side. (You can un-authorize at any time.)

connect your coinbase account

Upon clicking, you will be redirected back to the Limits page.

You will notice that the Coinbase Connection button will now have a green check mark on it. 

connected to coinbase

Should you ever wish to disconnect your account, just click the "Disconnect" button and this will instantly remove all ability from our system to debit from your Coinbase account.


Paying with Coinbase 

1. Place a sell order on

[Click here for a step-by-step guide to selling Bitcoin]

2. Click the "Pay with Coinbase" button.

The button is located directly under "Amount Due." 

pay with coinbase

Note that if you had not previously connected your Coinbase account, you will first need to authorize the connection before you can initiate payment.

3. Select how you want to pay.

There are two Cash Out options on Coinbase:

  • Primary Account - This will debit Bitcoin from your Bitcoin wallet on Coinbase (i.e. an outgoing transaction from your Coinbase wallet will be created automatically) 
  • Primary Account & Instant-buy - This will create a Buy transaction on your Coinbase account (i.e. funds will be automatically deducted from your Coinbase-linked bank account) 

If you prefer to pay with Bitcoin that is already stored in your Coinbase account, choose the "Primary Account" option then click "Pay":     

pay for bitcoin with your coinbase account

If you prefer to first buy Bitcoin from Coinbase then use that Bitcoin to pay for your sell order on, then choose the "Primary Account & Instant-buy" option then click "Pay." 

Please note that the Instant-buy option will only work if:

3. Wait a few moments for the payment to be confirmed...

send money to the philippines with coinbase

...And you're done!

You will receive an email notification from us confirming that your sell order has been successfully placed. We'll also email you as soon as your payout has been completed.

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