What can I do to avoid Investment Schemes and other online scams?

In the internet, it is very easy to fall for “get rich quick” investment schemes or get scammed into buying non-existent products after you’ve already sent your payment. We advise our users to exercise caution when making payments to individuals or companies who promise quick or guaranteed returns to investments or donations to charities, particularly companies and individuals who are not government-licensed.

We urge you to extra diligent in researching the identity of the recipient of your funds.

Please be very careful. transactions cannot be reversed. Users bear the full responsibility of sending funds to another wallet address.

Blockchain technology has almost limitless potential to improve society, but there will always be people who take advantage of technology for personal ends. does not endorse or is affiliated in any way with such activities or products. At, our mission is to accelerate financial inclusion and ease money transfers through digital currency, and it is founded on a strong commitment to secure transactions and strict observance of KYC and AML regulations.

We have a zero tolerance policy on fraud and scamming practices. Our User Agreement expressly prohibits the use of with the intention of defrauding or its users. Account holders found in violation of our User Agreement will be investigated by and suspended from the platform. The accounts in question will be deactivated.  

A non-comprehensive list of scamming websites can be found at

Should you have any complaints or would like to report a potential fraud, please get in touch with us at immediately.


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