How much can I make from being a payment center?

You can process many bills or reload as many numbers as you want. How much money you make from being a payment or loading center depends on which services you use more.

Generally speaking, you get a 10% rebate every time you buy load. For bill payments, you get 5 PHP for every bill plus 100 PHP if you pay 5 unique bills per week.

As an example, let's say you cash in 5,000 PHP into your account. Here's an estimate of how much you might make: 


  • 500 PHP for prepaid loading (10% x 5,000 PHP)
  • 125 PHP for 5 bill payments, if the amount due for each bill is 1,000 PHP (5 PHP X 5 bills, plus 100 PHP bonus for processing 5 bills)
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