How to send a payment request

To send a payment request to someone, all you need is one of the following:

  • his/her valid phone number; or
  • his/her email address; or
  • his/her Facebook name.

Just sign in to your account and look for the “Request” button, located just below your Peso Wallet balance.

Clicking the button will open this Payment Request box:

Under the "To" field, indicate who you want to send the payment request to. You can use their email address, mobile phone number, or Facebook name.

Under the "Amount" field, Indicate the Peso amount you’d like to collect.

Under the comment field, add a message to indicate what the payment is for.

Use the "Audience" dropdown to set who you'd like to share the request with:

  • "Public" will share the payment request as a public post on your Facebook page.
  • "Friends" will share the payment request with your Facebook contacts on your Facebook page.
  • "Participants Only" will not share the payment request on Facebook, and will only send an email and/or SMS to the person you're sending it to. 

Once you've filled up all the fields, click "Send Request."

The person you're requesting payment from will then immediately receive an email and/or an SMS from indicating the amount and details that you've specified. 

Here's a sample payment request email:

Once the payment is completed, the funds will be automatically credited to your Peso wallet. Both you and the person who paid you will get a notification when the fund reaches your account.


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