How do I cash in through M Lhuillier ePay?

M Lhuillier's new ML ePay service allows users to pay for Bitcoin with cash, at any of M Lhuillier's 1600+ branches nationwide. Here's how:

1. Have your account validated.

Because of Know Your Customer (KYC)/Anti-Money Laundering regulations,  only users with validated accounts can avail of the ML ePay service. 

Having your account validated is easy. Just go to; fill in your full name, address, and contact number; upload a valid/government-issued ID; and click the submit button. Your validation request will be approved within one (1) business day.

For more information on the validation proces, click here.

2. Place a Cash In order and choose the M Lhuillier payment option.

Take note that if your account has not yet been validated, this option will not be visible/clickable. 

After you click confirm, you will be directed to the order review page. You will then be provided with a 12-digit ML ePay Transaction Code. (The system may take a few seconds to generate the code; in the meantime, the text will read "Please wait while we are processing your transaction...")Screen_Shot_2017-03-25_at_9.12.13_PM.png

Take note of this code and proceed to an M Lhuillier branch.

For a list of M Lhuillier branches, click here.

3.  Pay at M Lhuillier. 

Use the Sendout Form (red form) to pay.

Under "Sender's Name," write your name. 

Under "Receiver's Name," write ML ePay followed by your order's assigned Transaction Code.

Here's an example:


Give your cash and your form/slip to the teller.

4. Wait for an email confirming that your order has been marked as paid.  

When you receive the email, it means that M Lhuillier has passed on information regarding your cash-in to our system . Once we are able to confirm receipt of your payment... 

5. Done! We'll add your funds to your peso wallet.


Got it? Click here to try it now!

Not quite sure? Get in touch with us at

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