How do I cash in through a Bayad Center?

Dragonpay's payment gateway service allows users to pay for Bitcoin with cash, at any Bayad Center outlet nationwide. Here's how:

1. Place a Cash In order and choose the Bayad Center option.


2. Enter the amount you wish to add in your wallet and click on “Pay with Dragonpay”.

3. After you click “Pay with DragonPay”, you will be redirected to the DragonPay website.


You may also click on “View it online” to get the payment instructions.

4. Pay at any credited Bayad Center.

Bayad Centers are located nationwide. 

Fill up a transaction form (available at the counter) and provide the necessary details: 

  • Under "Account Name," write your full name (surname first). You will also be asked to provide your address and contact number.
  • Tick the "Bills Payment" checkbox.
  • Under "Biller," write "Dragonpay."
  • Under "Amount Due," write down the due amount provided by Dragonpay.
  • Under "Account Number," write down the 8-digit reference number provided by Dragonpay.

Give your cash and your form/slip to the teller.

After the teller processes your payment, you will be issued a receipt similar to this:


Please always keep your receipts for reference.


5. Wait for an email confirming that your order has been marked as paid.  

When you receive the email, it means that Dragonpay has passed on information regarding your cash-in to our system. 

6. Done! We'll add your funds to your peso wallet.


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