Getting paid with Scan & Pay

How long does it take for payment to arrive?

Funds arrive in your wallet instantly.


How can I confirm that I was paid?

If you signed up with a phone number you’ll receive an SMS confirming the payment.  If you created your account with an email address you’ll receive an email confirming the transaction.

You can also ask the customer to show the payment confirmation screen on their phone, which will show the amount that was sent to you.


Where does the money go?

The customer payment will go into your wallet.  


How can I use the money in my Coins wallet?

You can use the money in your wallet to pay your employees, pay your suppliers, or cash out funds to your bank account


My name appears when customers pay in their app, and not my business name.  Why?

In order for the name of your business to appear on the payment page you need to submit information about your business via the Know Your Business (KYB) process.  

Once you’ve completed KYB you will have the option to change the name that appears on the payment page.

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