Understanding your wallet history

As a user, you have two wallets, a BTC wallet and a PHP wallet. (What is the difference?)

Every transaction you make - for example, pay bills, buy load, receive money - gets recorded in your wallet history.

  • Your Recent Transactions show when, how much, and how (e.g. Globe Prepaid, Smart, Sun, etc.) you received or sent money
  • To see more details, just click a specific transaction and you’ll see - if applicable - the bank account name and number you sent money to or received from, the mobile number you loaded, and even the specific hour and minute you made the transaction, etc.
  • If you regularly transact in Bitcoin, your BTC history also shows the conversion rate at which you converted BTC to PHP, and vice versa.

This way, you feel secure knowing where every Peso or BTC came from and went.

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