I've just made an incoming/outgoing transfer to/from my wallet--how long will it take for my wallet balance to update?

From time to time, lags do happen, which causes delays in transfers getting confirmed. As a result, it takes some time for incoming/outgoing transactions to be reflected on your dashboard. You may check the number of blockchain confirmations through the transaction hash link.

Here’s how you can find your transaction hash from your account:

1. Find the transaction in your wallet history.

2. Click on the reference ID in the Blockchain Record field of the pop-up window.

3. You will be redirected to your transaction’s hash link. The number of blockchain confirmations can be found at the bottom of your screen.

Blockchain lags are rare, but if you notice that your transfer has taken more than one hour to reflect on your wallet balance, please send us an email at so we can help check it out for you and make sure that everything is in order.

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