I want to report a fraudulent activity

It’s extremely important to report any suspected instances of fraudulent activity. This will protect you and your account and will help us to resolve any concerns as quickly as possible.


What could constitute fraudulent activity:

  • Unauthorized activity on your account
  • Stolen cash cards
  • Fake emails or spoof websites
  • Items not received or a potential fraudulent seller
  • Participation in unlicensed investment schemes


Please follow the steps below:


Step 1: Report this to us


Please get in touch with us immediately at or you can call  us at our help line at +63905 511 1619


Step 2: Fill in our complaint form.  

It’s very important that you fill this out so that we will not miss any relevant information that would help us in investigating the reported case. Please provide proof of payment, relevant information and screenshot of conversations or any other materials that would help us understand what happened. Once you have submitted the above information we will be investigating your concern and giving you an update within 3 business days.


Step 3: Report this incident to the authorities

Should you wish to pursue this case, including claiming any funds back, the next step would be to report this incident to the authorities. is a digital payments platform, and thus, we cannot provide dispute resolution recourse or refunds. Payments are powered by blockchain and are final and irreversible. In many cases, transactions go through instantly (without our intervention).


Due to our Privacy Policy, we cannot share user information directly to you. We would need a formal letter (official Request for Information) from the authorities to share information. With an official letter, we would be able to share the relevant information that we might have gathered about the reported incident, as outlined in our Privacy Policy. We will cooperate to resolve any reports and concerns, to maintain the safety of the platform.

Please exercise vigilance when transacting online. Be wary of unauthorized and unlicensed investment schemes claiming to offer quick or guaranteed returns.

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